About Arizona Ready Report Card

The Governor's Office of Education Innovation was established to help Arizona meet specific and measurable goals for our students.

By presenting transparent data on these goals and the related indicators, we can shine light on the wonderful things happening in our schools across the state and also guide the discussions about where Arizona can improve.

The goals come from Arizona's Education Reform Plan, now called Arizona Ready which Governor Brewer adopted at the recommendation of a statewide council of education and business leaders and was based on Arizona's Race to the Top (RttT) grant application. The goals include data from six areas related to education -- pre-kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, post-secondary, and workforce.

Governor Brewer, by executive order, formed the Arizona Ready Education Council in order to devise and articulate ways to achieve a more streamlined system of education, implement the Arizona Ready plan, and improve academic achievement. With this report card, the Council will monitor the state's progress and recommend strategies to ensure we reach our goals.

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